"It's a shame that for people who really help, put a spokes in the wheels!"

These, and other statements sounded from lips of participants of the action under the walls of the TV channel "ZIK", who came to support the activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”).
On September 22, activists of the NGO "Community Development" came under the walls of the TV channel "ZIK", with the requirement to refute false information published on the TV channel. Supported the protesters and joined the campaign, representatives of other NGOs and formations of the Lviv region, as well as people who were participants of social projects of "Community Development".

After the Hymn of Ukraine, protesters voiced their demands concerning the refutation of false information and removal of defamatory material from the web site of the TV channel. Supported the position of "Community Development" representatives of other NGOs, in particular, the picket was attended by NGO "Watch 1"(“Varta 1”), "Watch 700"(“Varta 700”),"Self Defense of Lviv Euromaidan" (“Samooborona Lvivskogo Euromaidanu”),"Union of social protection of ATO soldiers and families of the victims"(“Spilka Sotsialnogo Zahystu Biytsiv ATO i Simej Zahyblyh”), "Slaves to Paradise are not allowed"(“Rabiv Do rayu Ne Puskayut”), "Afghan Hundred"(“Afganska Sotnia”), NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”), NGO "All-Ukrainian Coordinating Council of Maidan"(“Vseukrainska Koordynatsiyna Rada Maidanu”).Not less important that among those present were parents of sick children, for which activists organize rehabilitation, participants of the ATO, which had the opportunity to receive free legal consultations, were persons with disabilities and even came a few kids with parents who this summer had a rest in camp "Mooves&skills". Really, people who wanted to join a picket in support of "Community Development" were much more, but it was a working day, and many were unable to time off from work. Because of traffic jams in Lviv were unable to arrive in time to the action the members of the Interregional centre of social-labour, professional and medical rehabilitation of the disabled, they wanted to support the activists. Despite the fact that they were late on the action near the walls of TV chanel "ZIK" - their position they showed arriving at the press conference of "Community Development".

"We are very disappointed that for people who really do so much good, in particular, and help us, put a spokes in their wheels and throwing mud. And the truth is, we need their support, it is very necessary for us, because thanks to the activists of "Community Development" we don't feel limited," says Mr Pavlo from Lviv interregional centre of social-labour, professional and medical rehabilitation of the disabled.

Materials and refuting counterarguments on provocative material on TV channel "ZIK" activists of the NGO "Community Development" presented at a press conference, and, unfortunately, journalists and the editorial staff of the TV channel has not taken them into account and instead published another slanderous video. On the spread of false information about the activities of "Community Development" activists will return with the plea to the court.