What should mobilized entrepreneurs do, to write off their tax debt? - The advices from a lawyer

It is known that, mobilized entrepreneurs are exempted from paying taxes for the entire period of their military service, but, nevertheless, a tax debt accumulates, and to write it off, appropriate actions must be taken.
Within 10 days after demobilization, entrepreneurs have to submit to the fiscal authority at the place of tax registration application and a copy of the military card or other document indicating the data of conscription during mobilization for the special period.
“Only after submitting of these documents, the controlling authorities will annul the tax debt, which appeared because of the force majeure, without accrual of fines and penalties” - said Bolyubash A., lawyer of the NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" (“Community Development”).
In addition, following persons will be exempted from Single Contribution, for themselves, if they:

- do not commit any business activities during this period;
- received no income;
- provide supporting documents, from the military commissariat, with indicated period of military service.
If the mobilized entrepreneur has wage workers, who continue working during his mobilization, the entrepreneur is obliged to authorize another person for payment of wages to these workers. In this case, the obligation, of accrual and retention of PIT and Single Contribution of such payments for a period of entrepreneur’s military service, is on authorized person.
Standards for exemption of mobilized entrepreneurs from taxes are provided by Law “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine concerning the improvement of defence and mobilization issues during the mobilization.

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