The law of Ukraine "On public consultations"

What should it be like?; the public of Western Ukraine was asked about this.On 18 September, Lviv hosted the meeting of the regional round table on the theme 

"Civil society and the state: discussion of proposals to the draft law "On public consultations". The event was held within the framework of the OSCE project "Improving the institutional capacity of the government of Ukraine and civil society to collaborate effectively in decision making processes".

To participate in the discussion of the bill were able the representatives of NGOs, Executive authorities and local self-government. Among the guests were representatives of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”).

Key topics of the event were public consultation in the activities of the authorities of Ukraine and institutionalization of consultations. The speakers of the event were the members of the working group at the Ministry of justice and OSCE experts. In addition to a detailed acquaintance with the bill, participants had the opportunity to learn foreign experience and provide their comments or proposals for improving public consultation in our country.

The law of Ukraine "On Public consultations" defines the procedure of conducting public consultations for the elaboration and adoption of decisions by public authorities for the purpose of registering and confirming positions of all stakeholders.

Public consultations are held to attract citizens to participate in the administration of public Affairs. And are held in the following forms: focus on online forms (requiring minimal expenditure of efforts of potential participants); working and expert groups; a survey (in the sense of the study of public opinion through opinion polls); public meetings (hearings, meetings, discussions, etc.); specialised or expert seminars; direct sending of official letters to certain organizations and institutions to provide proposals.

The objectives of the Act are:
- ensuring openness and transparency of activities of public authorities, particularly the political and legislative process;
- involvement of the public and other stakeholders in the early stages of preparation of draft decisions;
- improving the quality and legitimacy for public authorities decisions taking into account the views of all interested groups of society.

Therefore, this law will give the opportunity to the public to partake in the lawmaking process in Ukraine.