NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) opens the Center of providing free primary legal aid

On the third of September, we signed a Memorandum on joint activities to provide free legal assistance between the NGO "Community Development" and the First of the Lviv regional centre provision of free secondary legal aid.
Head of Legal Department of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Balubash together with the lawyer Tetyana Panasenko has signed an agreement with the Director of the First Lviv Local Centre of providing free secondary legal aid by Barbara Kaliuzna. The parties combine their efforts to achieve a common goal – to facilitate the provision of legal information, advice and guidance on legal matters for persons who need free legal assistance, and ensure a person's access to secondary legal aid and mediation.
The specialists of the First Lviv local centre of providing free secondary legal aid opened its doors to the public on 1 July 2015. They provide free secondary legal aid according to the Law of Ukraine "On free legal aid to certain categories of the population and provide the following legal services: protection and representation of interests of persons entitled to free secondary legal aid in the courts, other state authorities, bodies of local self-government, to other persons; drafting procedural documents. The Head of the office is an experienced lawyer Barbara Kaliuzna.
Labor activity Barbara Kaliuzna started in 1989 in Frankivsk (then a Soviet Union) in district court of Lviv. From 2003 to 2008 she worked as Legal Counsel at Lviv state experimental enterprise of vehicles and prosthetics. Lawyer, member of the Bar Council of Lviv region, Chairman of the Committee on protection the rights of lawyers and the implementation of guarantees of advocacy of the Bar Council of Lviv region. She is the co-founder of the Law firm "AVERS-M. D. K.",where she held the position of Vice President. On October 8, 2013 for personal excellence in the practical application of law and active participation in public life she was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding lawyer of Ukraine".
Centers for the provision of secondary legal aid are engaged in the implementation of the representation of interests of citizens in courts, local authorities or other public bodies. But often citizens before going to court need a so-called primary care, which provides legal information, advice, clarifications, drafting applications, complaints or other documents of a legal nature. These works undertake to implement the lawyers-activists of "Community Development", which have as a common goal - the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of citizens.
The curators of the center of providing free primary legal aid of "Community Development" are lawyers Andriy Balubash and Tetiana Panasenko. Despite their young age, experts have significant legal experience and active citizenship.
Andriy Balubash –is the head of Legal Department of the NGO "Community Development", the former head of the NGO, the lawyer. He began his career in 2005, working on a voluntary basis on the post of Secretary of court hearings of Frankivsk district court in Lviv, consultant on personnel issues and judicial statistics (head of the office of criminal) of Frankivsk district court in Lviv.  In 2006-2007 - military service in the airborne troops of Ukraine. He worked as a lawyer in the law firm "Mytsyk and Partners", the Deputy Director of the legal company Financial Legal Union in Kiev, head of the legal Department of the Society with limited liability "KALUSH-TRANS". Today he is a lawyer, an assistant-consultant of the people's Deputy of Ukraine.
Tetiana Panasenko is an activist of the NGO "Community Development", the lawyer. Legal practice began in 2010 in the position of Secretary of the court of Frankivsk district court in Lviv. From November 2014 she is working as a paralegal at the law Union "Lemeha and Partners." Through active cooperation with members of human rights and public organizations engaged in the protection of human rights, preparation of appeals to the state authorities on the issues of observance of constitutional rights and freedoms of convicted persons, the proposals to expand the powers of the Supreme court of Ukraine, proposals for strengthening the institution of the Commissioner lying on human rights and others.
Reception of citizens on the provision of free primary legal aid in NGO "Community Development" will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00 to 12:00 in the waiting room of a NGO, which is located by address Shevchenko Avenue, 17, office 25 (3rd floor).