Say No to the lies in the media!

Activists of the NGO "Community Development" contact the office of the TV channel ZIK with a request to report objectively on the information to refute and immediately remove the false material.

Scandalous story that was aired on the TV channel ZIK on 16 September in the TV programme “Brat za Brata: Who is covered by social activists?" is a directly libelous, and that influences badly on the reputation of the activity of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”). For direct authorship of the head of the NGO "Right sector - West" Olena Zhyvko and mysterious "expert" in the mask was compiled record of the charges and the events that are distorted and presented in a favorable light. Instead, activists of "Community Development" actually actively help people with disabilities, the families of ATO participants, military personnel, the disabled and all those who turn to them for support. Social projects of the organization have received nationwide scale, as evidenced by numerous videos, articles and comments in the comment section below information, often not by Lviv journalists.

Activists of the NGO "Community Development" are ready to provide counter-arguments and evidences to refute libel. All requirements to the management of the channel activists have expressed in the statement, addressed to the limited liability Company "the Broadcasting company "the Bridge-TV"(“Mist-TB”), Society with limited liability "WESTERN INFORMATION CORPORATION"(“Zahidna Informatsiyna Korporatsiya”), the journalist Andriy Orliak. Also the members of the organization sent to the national Council of Ukraine on television and radio a request to deny the license of channel for violation of the legislation on TV and broadcasting (according to part 1 of article 71 of the Law). Scanned copies of the statements are attached.

In case of default of requirements in 7 days term by mass medium ZIK, the NGO "Community Development" will be forced to defend their honor and dignity in court.

We urge all media to objectively cover the information and check the accuracy of the materials.