Activists of the NGO "Community Development" succeeded in repairing of the road on the street. V. Velykogo

Now on the street Volodymyra Velykogo will finally be a new road, footpath and drainage. Thanks to the efforts of social activists and local residents began repairing of the road, on which was difficult even to walk.


Arranging drainage and footpaths.
On the appeals of the NGO "Community Development" the road near the house № 43 on a street V. Velykogo in Lviv will be repaired.
On the basis of citizens ' appeals, the lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" has started to help and got a positive result, the road repairs have already begun.
For many years, the repair of the road near the house № 43 on a street V. Velykogo in Lviv was not conducted. The road surface was in terrible condition, the asphalt was ruined. During the rainy season, for the residents it was difficult to get to the entrance as the road was filled with water, as there was no drains for the water. The road had many barriers and mothers with prams found it difficult to leave or to enter their houses.
Repeatedly tenants were traumatized, people with a huge efforts tried to hold children on the balance of a normal road, not stumbling, elderly people get hard up to the entrance.
In the morning near the house is a large influx of cars, because nearby there is a kindergarten (parents bring children to kindergarten), it is impossible to pass, there are often accidents involving children, so it is necessary to equip walking paths, insisted residents.
Activists of the NGO "Community Development" looked at the road and after a meeting with residents started the work.
Thus, lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" addressed:
  • to Frankivsk District Administration of Lviv City Council;
  • to the Deputy of the Lviv City Council of 7th convocation;
  • the Lviv Mayor.
As for today, is ongoing the repair of the road near the house № 43 on a street V.Velykogo in Lviv. Moreover, taking into account all the comments and suggestions. The road will be equipwd with blocks, establish a pedestrian walkway, also the work is carried out without barriers.
NGO "COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT" EMPHASIZES, REMEMBER: according to paragraph 6 of part 1 of article 17 of the law of Ukraine "About improvement of settlements", citizens have the right to demand immediate performance of work on improvement of human settlements in the case that the failure of such works is likely to harm the life, health or property of citizens.