"Rabochaya Gazeta" refuted the incorrect information about NGO"Community Development"

On the pages of the Metropolitan newspaper "Rabochaya Gazeta"was published a refutation of inaccurate information about the NGO "Community Development". A retraction is about the article about the picket of the regional Prosecutor's office on the day of presentation of the new Prosecutor of Lviv Region, which was on March 31.
The lawyers of the NGO "Community Development" addressed to the editors with a reasoned request to refute the published information. "Rabochaya Gazeta"responded swiftly and on May 17 issued a rebuttal, sending to the "Community Development" a letter with the instance.
We are grateful to the newspaper for professional journalistic ethics, which was showed in this case, and for the ability to admit mistakes.

We will add that in the online encyclopedia "Wikipedia" States that "Rabochaya Gazeta" (Eng. - "Workers ' newspaper") is published in Kiev since 1957 as the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist party.