How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud? - Tips from members of social formation

NGO "Community Development" warns residents of Lviv to be careful and gives some useful tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of scams, that offer cheap goods to people.
Participants of social formation provide order in the central part of the city during several months. Due to the calls of Duty Officer of Galician Police station representatives of NGO quickly arrive at the commission of crimes. Members of social formation "Community Development" helped with the conflict between residents of the building in the city center and their neighbor, who violate the public peace after 23:00 h.
Participants of SF carried out measures to ensure public order during the celebration of the "Wet Monday" on the Market square. Through the work of members of the SF the formation of spontaneous food trade was not allowed in the territory not far from the market "Prosperity".
Over several months, some stories of ingenious scams, who go to the apartments and offer people to food and manufactured goods buy at very low prices became publicized. Usually victims of criminals are elderly and housewives. Thieves make them trust in the integrity of  their intentions.
Participants of the social formation "Community Development" ask Lviv residents to be careful and give some recommendations on how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud:
1. Do not open the door to strangers and suspicious persons
2. At the conclusion of the oral agreement never give money for the goods in advance if it is in stock.
3. Ask a paper confirmation of the agreement between the buyer and seller.
4. Give the money only after receiving the goods.