Activists of the NGO “Community Development” (“Rozvytok Hromady”) took part in the interview with the candidates of the new Patrol service of Lviv.

At the end of April in Lviv started set to the Patrol police. Candidates of the new Patrol service of Lviv have undergone several stages of selection: a test of General knowledge, medical Board, fitness test, psychological test, and interview. Those who have passed all these stages were invited to training. In one of the qualifying stages, namely in the interview with the candidates of the new Patrol service, were attended by lawyers and activists of the NGO “Community Development” Nazar Baj and Tatiana Panasenko.
At the same time, there were six commissions that conducted the interviews. The composition of these commissions included social activists, representatives of the MD MIA of Lviv region, psychologists, and professional interviewers. The interviews were intense; the candidates were asked a variety of questions that sought to uncover each person and were of five competencies: General personality characteristics and emotional stability of the candidate identify his motivation, ability to work in a team, integrity and ability to convincingly express thoughts. Due to interview results the candidate for each of the five competences of the Commission, which included 5 people collectively exhibited an overall assessment in the final results. Also in the final form of the results was made the evaluation of the adequacy of the image and behavior of the candidate. At the end of the interview with each candidate of the Patrol service, the Commission took the final decision: if the Commission considered that the candidate is categorically not suitable for use in the Patrol service – Commission member made a corresponding entry; otherwise, the candidate was interviewed and later had the opportunity passes to the next stage of selection.
Recall that the main job duties of the employee of Patrol service are:
- patrolling a certain area (on foot, in a patrol car) and ensuring the protection of public order and security of citizens
- providing information to pedestrians and drivers of vehicles
- checking and recording any violations of the law
- respond to calls about domestic offenses
- ensuring road safety, traffic management
- implementation of operative-search measures and investigative actions for the purpose of detecting and preventing crimes and other offences.
Personal qualities that should be possessed by the employee of Patrol service:
- motivation
- sociability, politeness
- discipline
- sense of responsibility
- ability to make decisions and act in extreme situations
- skills to express the reasoned opinion.