Is the next public council at Lviv Regional State Administration “LODA” will be effective?

Chairman of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Bolyubash was invited into the studio TRK "Lviv" for filming analytical program "Political Chessboard".
On Friday, April 17, at the first meeting of the new Public Council of the Lviv Region, State Administration elected leaders of this organization. In the elections the head of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Bolyubash was supported by a large number of participants. He took third place with 33 votes. Notably, Mr. Bolyubash became one of the most talked about, as Andriy Romanovich proposed a new strategy for effective public council. He made a suggestion to unite for the future and convinced the audience, that it is important to create powerful units: Board Secretariat, the press service for direct communication with the community and information about what is happening on the board, something to work.
On the TV show the changes in public council of the state administration, including the appointment of a new chairman of the board were discussed. The head of the NGO "Community Development" lawyer Andriy Bolyubash explained:

"The number of participants in public council doesn’t matter, but the quality of such a structure matters. It is necessary to involve specialists and experts. In the new environment the public council should create a platform, where people could  help each other."

NGO "Community Development", represented by A. Bolyubash presented its vision for a new public council as a permanent expert analysis institutions governed by clear documentation. The basic directions in the public council should be:

- Security capabilities
Strategy of development
Administrative-territorial, and constitutional reform
The development of the real sector of Lviv, investment
Agro-industrial complex and rural development
Education, Science, Culture
Social security and health
Youth and Sports.
It should be added, that the social activist Igor Kotsyuruba during the election of the chairman of the Public Council withdrew his candidacy in favor of lawyer Andriy Bolyubash, arguing, that the public council needs new young people for the effective work, then the body will be effective and should serve the community Lviv.
In the TV program "Political Chessboard" business issues in Ukraine and in Lviv, in particular, and reforms in the country were discussed.

"Reforms in Ukraine are declared as solid, fast and qualitative. But what we have done – is just redecorating. What do we say if Ukraine has furious corruption, we need good country's investment climate for better business, European integration. The City Council does not protect a business, it just does not see it. Steps to solve these problems are very simple, let's make reforms, that will work "- summed A. Bolyubash.