Apartment houses will be handed over to private managers – the valid Law

July 1, entered into force Law No. 417-VIII "On peculiarities of the implementation of the right of property in an apartment house", which was adopted on May 14.
Article 10, of the Law defines the procedure for making decisions concerning the management of apartment house meeting of co-owners. It is established that each co-owner (his representative) shall have the number of votes, proportional to the total area of the apartment or non-residential premises of the co-owner in the total area of all apartments and non-residential premises, located in an apartment house.
If one person is the owner of the apartments (flats) and non-residential premises, total area of which is more than 50% of the total area of all apartments and non-residential buildings of the house, each co-owner at the founding meeting has 1 vote regardless of the number and size of apartments or non-residential premises, in his possession. The decision is considered adopted if voted for by more than half of the total number of all owners. Appropriate changes were made to the Law "On Association of co-owners of apartment houses".
It is also envisaged that in one house can be created only one Association of apartment owners. In addition, the Land code established that the ground beneath the block of flats will be put in possession or permanent use of the co-owners. But if the tenants will not create the Association of apartment owners or will not give the house during the year, to the Manager - the individual entrepreneur or legal entity, for them it will make local authorities. The Executive body of the local Council will determine the head on a competitive basis.