In case of the introduction of martial law, Ukrainians will perform labor conscription "- lawyer

On October 7, came into force amendment considering the Procedure of involvement working people to socially useful work in condition of martial law, introduced by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 23 September 2014 No. 475.
With the introduction of martial law, able-bodied persons will accomplish the labor conscription, performing socially useful work.

“Labor conscription – is a short-term duty for the period of mobilization and wartime period  in order to perform work, which have a defensive character, and as well as liquidation of emergency situations concerning industrial, natural and military problems, arising during martial law, and their consequences. Labor conscription is not obligatory” - explained the lawyer of the NGO“Rozvytok Hromady” (“Community Development”) Andriy Bolyubash.

For community services can be involved:
  • unemployed and other vacant individuals;
  • persons engaged in agriculture;
  • high school, vocational school and university students;
  • persons who work for themselves.
During the period of martial law, these persons may be involved in such works: repair and restoration, primarily work performed on objects of life support and defence of the population; clearing the railway tracks and roads; the rapid construction of protective structures of civil protection, repair and construction of housing, in particular for quartering soldiers, aid to the population, especially the disabled, children, and the elderly; as well as activities performed to meet the needs of the Armed Forces and other military formations.