The public controls the investigation of unauthorized construction and the seizure of land in Lviv

To the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) addressed the initiative group of citizens who live on the street Lemko, 9, with a message about illegal construction at the address Lemkivska, 9A. The same message they sent to the people's Deputy Andriy Antonyshchak. Community activists together with the assistant of the MP joined forces to influence on the situation.

It should be noted that the Builder, who carries out building at the address Lemkivska, 9A, and it is LLC "OPORA-BKB", has no legal right to hold any construction works, because the court cancelled all permits. In addition, initiated criminal proceedings against forgery of documents and unauthorized occupation of land. The representative of the NGO "Community Development" the lawyer Oksana Scala and assistant deputies A. Antonyshchak – Yuriy Tatomyr, on the first of July went on personal reception to the Prosecutor of the city of Lviv Andriy Hnativ. 

The head of the law enforcement agencies were asked the question, why are violated reasonable pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings opened into the illegal seizure of the land office and the officers of LLC "OPORA-BKB (article 198 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and for the inclusion of false information in official documents (article 358 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). Also the activists were aware that in April 2015 the city Prosecutor's office has requested the materials of these criminal proceedings in Shevchenkivska regional Department of law enforcement authorities. The lack of materials blocked the process of pre-trial investigation; therefore, no investigation of these facts by the investigators was conducted. As of today these materials are in the city Prosecutor's office.The Prosecutor confirmed that the material in Shevchenkivskyi regional Department of law enforcement authorities explained, that criminal proceedings were necessary to conduct operational meetings, after which they were returned. 

Recently, the city Prosecutor's office again requested the materials of criminal proceedings in in Shevchenkivska regional Department of law enforcement authorities in order to unite them in one criminal proceeding. And as further pre-trial investigation will be conducted by the city Prosecutor's office, the case file will remain in this office. The representatives of the NGO «Community Development» during the meeting were attached additional evidence to the materials of the above-mentioned criminal proceedings. Explaining the situation, the city attorney has not confirmed his words by any documents; therefore, the activists had to believe him. However, during the next meeting with the law enforcement authorities, which is scheduled on July 6, members of the public hope to hear a more reasoned answers and specific information about the actions of law enforcement during the investigation of this case.