The Departments of NGO "Community Development" held several events to the day of autism

Stryi and Chervonograd Departments of NGO "Community Development" supported the world day of disseminating of information about the problems of autism. Activists held a series of events in their cities.
On 1 April in the premises of the Chervonograd City Council and on April 2 at the Central City Street activists handed out blue balloons and puzzles, which are symbols of rain people. So activists informed about autism and urged citizens to show tolerance towards people with autism.

For their part, the activists from Stryi shot a social movie about the syndrome of infantile autism in collaboration with the TRC "LAN", which was broadcast on local TV. Also on this day the participants of the organization has prepared a brochure with general information about autism that was presented to adults and children were given blue balloons.

We remind that activists of the NGO "Community Development" in Lviv, also supported the event to the Day of Autism: organized for kids with autism ride on the Miracle train, handed out blue puzzles, joined the flash mob , and highlight the House of Trade Unions of Lviv in blue light.