Please save my dad!

Dad, did you hear my first words? Will see how I will go? Support, if I’ll fall? I am just one month old. We have so little time spent together. When are you coming home, dad? I'm waiting for you...
It was a typical autumn day. Igor still could not believe his luck – he now bears the proud title of Father. My son Matviy met me with warming smile, beautiful wife was happy with her guys. That all changed on one single day. Warm home bed changed into a hard hospital bed. Wife Natalia, through her tears, is seeking support and assistance. Little Matviy who has just started to get used to the father is waiting for him at home.
Hurt in chest, fever and pressure, called an ambulance. The terrible diagnosis - Non-Hodgkin lymphoblastic lymphoma III stage. These terrible words sent a shudder of horror from every cell in the body. Where to go? Who ask for help? How? No words to describe what feel relatives and Igor himself. He is only 25 years old, a month ago the wife gave birth to first child, and life has just gained momentum. But the disease wants to take it, it kills and progresses rapidly.
Igor is now undergoing chemotherapy in Lviv in the fifth city hospital in the Hematology Department. But there are no chances for recovery in Ukraine. Treatment is required abroad. Need 60 thousand dollars to fight the disease. The young family has no money. They are asking assistance from those who are not indifferent to their troubles.
Together with You and with God's help we will save daddy of little Matviy. Let’s help Igor to be there when his son will say the first words.

PrivatBank Card 5167 9872 0889 6676 (Gumenchuk Natalia - wife)
Currency 5168 7572 7393 5421 (Gumenchuk Natalia - wife)