Started the third summer camp for children Moves&skills

A unique summer camp for children, organized by the NGO "Community Development" and the eponymous Charitable Foundation, conducted this summer for the third time. This time the guys will relax in the picturesque Carpathian village Yablunytsya, near Yaremche.
An unforgettable vacation full of new knowledge, fun and lots of positive emotions expect participants in an entertaining and educational camp "Summer school healthy lifestyle Moves&skills", which runs from 8 to 17 August. The organizers gave the opportunity to get healthier and entertain children of different categories. Thanks to the support of the Department for children's Affairs of the Lviv City Council the camp is attended by 11 children, among whom are children-orphans, children deprived of parental care, and children who grow up in families with difficult life circumstances. With the assistance of the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul in the camp will also entertain children of members of the antiterrorist operation.
In the camp there are now 31 participants, aged from 6 to 16 years. On Saturday, August 8, children along with ten older tutors travelled by bus from Lviv and stopped in the tourist complex Free Way Hotel group in Yablunytsya, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Yaremche district).


Camp organizers developed a special program of the European model, in which children will not only relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Carpathian Mountains, but also learn English, play sports, play educational games and more. Every evening for kids will be interesting themed parties that are not only fun, but during which kids will also learn many interesting things. For example, the Indian party, kids dance Indian dances, dressed up in national attire and listen to an informative story about the culture of India. Also the guys are waiting for such parties like Halloween in Ukrainian, Hutsul party, the Neptune festival, black and white party and others.

"Taking into account the great success of the previous camps we have had this summer, we couldn't pass up the opportunity to hold another camp. So when we returned from Slavsk, we immediately started looking for sponsors and partners to give other children a bright vibrant vacation. Fortunately, we managed to organize everything quickly. We have developed a completely new program, which combines fun and learning," says the organizer of the camp Crystyna Melekestseva.

Camp organizers express their sincere gratitude to the project partners who provided financial and material support in conducting the camp. In particular, are sincerely grateful to the Garrison Church of Peter and Paul, the Lviv city Council, the President of the company "Okto Via company" Igor Dulyn, benefactors from England, pharmacy “Biomed”, PJSC "Kohavynska paper factory", the Ukrainian – Polish Joint Stock Company “Halplast” Ltd (Rogatyn water), LLC "Coca‑Cola Ukraine", The Room, PJSC "OKCI BANK", PJSC "Bank Lviv", PJSC "VS Bank" and others.
I must admit that in varying degrees, all citizens of Ukraine are responsible for the state of Affairs, which can be seen in the economy, political life, the state of development of society. We are keenly aware that the way out of this situation should be sought through joint efforts with active and caring citizens for the purpose of creating and maintaining on an ongoing basis, the real effective public organizations and funds, which will be professionally engaged in the development of civil society, the implementation of such important social projects and charity events. That's why "OKCI BANK" happily responded to proposals to support such initiatives and will continue to do so, said the management Board of PJSC "OKCI BANK".