NGO "Community Development" is implementing the project together with immigrants

Activists of the "Community Development"and the initiative group from Lviv, which includes immigrants, have been working together on the project "Social adaptation of children with special needs". Soon together with children will be carrying out physical activities.
The main objective of the project "Social adaptation of children with special needs" is a physical therapy to ensure a better future for children with special needs. The development of children with physical disabilities provides for the implementation of the movement and integrated exercises that improve body sensation and motor improvement.
The project has already formed a group of children with cerebral palsy and was held the first class is introductory. Also talked with parents who told the coach reabilitolog about the problems and peculiarities of their children.
  • I am pleasantly surprised that today there are still those organizations that want to help others. If I hadn't seen, I would hardly believe in this. For children with this diagnosis, as my son, physical therapy is needed a lot. I am very pleased with the initiative of the NGO "Community Development" and grateful for this opportunity, says a parent

Also already was purchased the necessary sports equipment, namely, fitball Profit ,85 cm (massage), jump rope, Hula Hoop (massage), grip-cord (8 mm./3M), ball for rhythmic gymnastics, gymnastic stick and Mat.
Soon children will begin classes.
The project has achieved with the support of the Charitable Foundation "International Charitable Foundation "Kozhen Zmozhe".