Adventures of summer campers in Slavsk

The sixth of July the participants of the summer camp "Moves&skills. Adventures in Slavsk" organized by the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) and the eponymous Charitable Foundation, went to meet new experiences, adventures and knowledge. About the first three days of the rest, we offer you to read the article, which was prepared by Andriy Drobit, which helps the counselor to engage children.

First day - the first adventure

Summer, sun, friends - that is what children require after a hard school year. Unfortunately, not every family has the ability to send their little child to a rest. Special resonance this problem has in such a difficult time for the country. NGO “Community Development” decided to lend a helping hand to the children whose parents are defending our country in the East. As part of this charity project was involved 33 children of Lviv. The joint efforts of the activists of the NGO "Community Development" and the eponymous Charitable Foundation organized a trip to the resort town of Slavsk. Pearl of the Carpathians with fresh air and mountain scenery.

The first day after they arrived, the children tasted the local food and went to inspect the house. Living conditions for children were at a decent level: cottages equipped with modern bathrooms and comfortable beds. After a little rest was held the opening ceremony of the camp. Boys and girls talked about themselves and their Hobbies, everyone got nice gifts. In the evening, the organizers held a movie under the open sky. According to the volunteer Roman, the children were struck by sincerity and desire for new acquaintances. Despite being tired from the road, the day was bright and left a lot of positive emotions.

Second day - an introduction to the traditions

The second day at our summer camp started very briskly. At 8 am everyone was awake and getting ready for a morning jog and exercise program. Next on the schedule was Breakfast and going to Church. This day coincided with large Ukrainian holiday of Ivana Kupala. That is why the organizers of the camp decided to spend time according to ancient traditions. The kids went to gather wild flowers for making wreaths. After lunch had the wonderful opportunity to train in the football stadium “Arena Slavske”. Towards evening the camp went to celebrate on the river. Boys how real men showed their bravery by jumping over the fire. Girls sang songs and put wreaths on the water with wishes of good fortune. This day showed children all the beauty of Ukrainian traditions and acquainted with the nature of the Carpathians.

Third day - the long-awaited disco party

The third day of camp promised the kids a storm of positive emotions. It all started with a morning run to the foot of the mountain. After a delicious Breakfast, the young participants of the camp were waiting for the English lessons and tests in psychology. The children were very capable learners. After school it was time for entertainment. The kids were happy to swim in the mountain river. After a joyful bathing the kids had a bite of sweets and juice. Later there was a pleasant surprise party in the American style. And then began active preparations for the holiday: girls mastered the basics of make-up, and the guys did a stylish hairstyle. The organizers have prepared a real American Goodies. Towards evening began to play dance music. With each song the children's fervor was increasing and the last contest did not leave anyone indifferent. The guys fought for the dance with the girls, expressed sincere children sympathy. The most active dancer Yuriy expressed admirations regarding today's discos and thanked for an unforgettable experience.

Summed up everything the main organizer Chrystyna Melekestseva:

"We are happy that the children enjoyed our entertainment, after all, the greatest joy for every one of the organizers, to see the smiles on children's faces. Each of us tries to give as much attention to the children as possible, to make them feel in the seventh heaven of happiness."

The organizers and participants of the summer camp are sincerely grateful to the project partners, which include: TDV "Zhydachivskiy syrzavod", PJSC "Concern Khlibprom", LLC "Sandora", the restaurant "Maxim" Good Pharmacy, Bank Credit Agricole, VS-Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval. Special thanks for significant financial support in conducting the camp organizers would like to give to Ukrainians in London, we are also thankful to the management of a rope way in a village Slavsk, administration of “arena Slavsk” and club "Bowling".