NGO "Community Development" organized leisure for the victims of Chornobyl

On April 26 it's been thirty years since the terrible catastrophe at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Station. The country and the whole world is still experiencing the consequences of the atomic disaster.
On the anniversary in Lviv hosted a number of events. Not remained aloof and community activists.
NGO “Community Development” was able to organize leisure for the members of the Lviv City Society "Mothers of Chornobyl".

On April 24, ten members of the Society attended a performance of "Jesus, the son of the living God" in the theater named after Maria Zankovetska.
For the children of Chernobyl on April 27 was organized a free city tour on the "Miracle Train".

Activists and members of the LCT "Mothers of Chornobyl" thanked NGO"Community Development", I hope our cooperation in future will continue and will be productive.