Kids who are most in need of warmth and material support visited St Nicholas

Nineteen kids from Lviv were congratulated by modern St Nicholas that lived in the house near the hotel "Kavaler".
A fascinating journey to the residence of St. Nicholas began in a cozy tent, where the kids were bring by assistants of the Wonderworker. Magical elves helped kids to write letters to St Nicholas, and later led them to his cabin.

All shared with their dreams and desires with St Nickolas, sang him songs and told festive poems. The good old man listened to the guys and gave each a gift that was secretly prepared in advance, by the activists of the NGO "Community Development".

After meeting with good grandpa, kids were treated with sweets. Exited with the incredible events, children for a long time shared with their experiences.
  • I really liked the cabin of St Nickolas. Thank you very much for the gifts and delicious sweets,- shared her impressions Svitlanka.
Journey to the residence of St. Nicholas was organised by the NGO "Community Development" jointly with the hotel-restaurant "Kavaler".