The activist of Maidan appealed for help to the NGO "Community Development"

Yuriy Pekush was injured by sniper during the Revolution of dignity. A young man with courage overcame the surgery - the kidney, spleen and part of the diaphragm were removed. The left hand was injured after a partially cut short. Now the young man needs serious rehabilitation.

The citizen of Lviv - Yuriy, an economist by profession, went to fight for freedom and dignity of Ukrainians to Kyiv in December, 2014. He actually led the 31th hundred, united guys and taught them to avoid possible provocations.

The man remembers with horror the bloody stripping of the Maidan. On 18-20 December on his and his brothers hands the newest Heroes of Ukraine died. The sniper hit Yuriy on 20th of  February. Critically ill man was taken to the hospital of Kiev. Doctors were shocked by the extraordinary courage and vitality of Juriy. He underwent a complicated operation with remove of kidney, spleen and part of the diaphragm. Doctor managed to partially save the young man's hand. Then Yuriy had a long treatment in Poland.

Now the activist of Maidan returned to Lviv and tries to restore his health to be able to continue to work for the good of the motherland. He appealed to the Charity Foundation "Community Development" with a request to pay for rehabilitation in one of the health centers of Ukraine. Activists of the foundation will seek to do everything possible to help restore the lost health of the activist of the Maidan.