Stryi department of "Community Development" joined the marathon to the memory of Krut Heroes

On 29 and 30 January Stryi cell of the NGO "Community Development" took part in events commemorating the 98 anniversary of the heroic battle of Kruty. Patriotic trip lasted two days and covered three cities and more than five emblematic places. The youth uttered a solemn oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people.
Patriotic journey began from the train station Kruty. Here to honor the brave young soldiers arrived students and teachers of Stryi College of Lviv National Agrarian University headed by the Director Vasyl Dmytryshyn and Chairman of the Stryi branch of the NGO "Community Development" Igor Kobryn. On the way, participants sang Patriotic songs about the exploits of Ukrainian soldiers and pretty surprised and impressed onlookers. People thanked the students for the rise of Patriotic spirit and for not dying in young hearts the memory of the past.
At the station Kruty Stryi activists met with representatives of Nizhyn Agrotechnical Institute and the Barskyi College of transport and construction. All together marched to the Memorial complex to the Heroes of Kruty. The teams of these three institutions, together with our centre participated in a rally-Requiem , explored the history of the events, felt the energy of the Holy place. On the same day students and Chairman of the Stryi branch of the NGO "Community Development" took an Oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people, marched and honored the memory of their peers.
Not less interesting was the evening tour of Nizhyn, where Stryj activists joined the invitation of their colleagues. Visited the local theater and the Church where there is a myrrh-streaming icon of the Mother of God. Igor Kobryn conducted among students a quiz on knowledge of history and drew Parallels between the heroism, patriotism and sacrifice of the past and present. For the best answers young Ukrainians have received books and CDs with the movie "the Greatness and the Tragedy of Stryi adherents", which tells about the fate of three people who over a hundred years ago shook the whole Eastern Galychyna, awakened the spirit of Ukrainian heritage in the province.
On the second day the delegation from Stryj went to Kiev to visit the cultural and spiritual places, as well as Maidan. Students honored with prayer Heavenly Hundred. The participants of two-day Patriotic journey were deeply affected from the events that occurred in different years and centuries.
We will always remember the heroes known and unknown, past and present. And no matter how much time passed, each generation must carry the spark of memory, lit by exploits of heroes who protect the homeland.