The official appeal of the Charitable Foundation "CommunityDevelopment"

Dear public!
Today, the charitable Foundation " CommunityDevelopment ", based on a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the sphere of charity on the territory of Lviv region and Ukraine, taking into account the results of a survey of citizens on philanthropy (see Fig. 1) officially announces the launch and operation of the five main areas of activity:
I.THE WARMTH OF CHILDREN'S HEARTS (Teplo Dytiachych Serdets)(subjects of the receiving of charitable aid are: orphans in children's homes, orphanages, boarding schools, children deprived of parental care, children in difficult circumstances, seriously ill children)
II.ECO-COUNTRY (Eko Kraina) (innovative development of eco - direction, animal care, raising the level of consciousness of the public in C of flora, fauna, protection of natural environment)

III.THE PALETTE OF SPIRITUALITY (Palitra Duchovnosti) (support and worldwide distribution of knowledge about Ukrainian culture, literature, music, art. Assistance to the public in the development of the relevant industry on the territory of Lviv region).
IV.CHARITY TO THE FUTURE (Blahodiynist u Maybytne) (helping young people to develop their abilities and talents: sports, journalism, IT technologies)

V.UNDER THE ANGEL'S WING (Pid Krylom Jangola) (people with disabilities (disabled people of I, II, III groups); the ATO participants, who need support and are in occupied territories; the ATO participants who need assistance to restore their state of health and rehabilitation; family members of ATO soldiers (first of all, the deceased soldiers and those who are missing); the elderly who need assistance, including those that are in stationary social institutions to serve the elderly, refugees and others socially vulnerable groups of the population).
Assistance to ATO                                                           364
Assistance to refugees                                                     31
The development of Youth (sport, culture, science)            201
Assistance to seriously ill, people with disabilities              215
Assistance to children                                                      245
The protection of environment                                           107
Assistance to animals                                                       93
Nothing of the following                                                       31
Architectural initiatives (restoration of architectural monuments, establishment of memorial plaques, monuments)                                                                                                               52
Your alternative                                                                 4
Today a vigorous fundraising campaign allows us to find more and more charitable resources to continuously expand the circle of recipients. We get daily request for assistance from individuals, orphanages, societies of the disabled, and shelters for refugees and post them.
Thus, the main focus of our activity we put on the following formula: 1 happy +1 need=2 happy. We believe that each of us, regardless of profession, physical capabilities, can help others. Our focus is : help in any way You can.
Encourage all to contact us by organizational, methodological, material, psychological and personal assistance.
On the other hand, we ask all not indifferent to join our initiatives by transferring funds to the Charitable Foundation "Community Development":
MFO: 305749
Bank: PJSC "Credyt Dnipro Bank"
Settlement account: 2600130922401
USREOU(Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine): 39479117
Recipient: Charitable Foundation "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”)
Purpose of payment: charitable help to the needs within the charitable direction "The Warmth of Children's Hearts // and charitable areas "Eco-Country"// or charitable directions "The Palette of spirituality" // or Charity to the Future" // or charitable directions "Under the Angel’s Wing".
In addition, we urge You to participate in the implementation of our initiatives personally. Every thought and assistance are important.

It is important!!!!!!

To obtain charitable assistance You need:

I. to be the beneficiary (transferee charity care (individual,nonprofit organization or local community), in need of charity)
II. To make commitments to use the received charitable assistance exclusively for the purposes indicated in the treatment of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development"

III. To provide full reporting on the use of received charitable assistance within one month after its receipt. Statements must be issued in a documentary form.

If You want to contact us, call: +380671621242, +380673107787.
Email address:
With hope and faith in our better future

Solomiya Starosolska
The Chairman of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development"