Charity – is the business of every Ukrainian

Including the lack of proper development of philanthropy in Ukraine, and therefore the required level of education of moral qualities on charity, each of us probably seldom think of what we can call the charity, who are philanthropists, what kind of idea they have for us?

Today, making small steps in the culture of philanthropy in Ukraine, most of us try to be its part, not realizing the importance of the idea of spreading it among people. Some make good deeds by the call of the heart, without giving special attention to their activities, others considering the trend direction, are involved in charity just to show off. However, there is also a category of people, who do not understand the importance of their support, and they disclaim any donations, because they are afraid to be used in the "wrong" intentions of "false" benefactors. The idea, that charity – is a kind of business project, increases from the lips of people.

It seems we have forgotten the preaching of Moses: "At the end of every third year you have to save the tithes of all the harvest of the year, putting it in your homes. And the Levite will come, because he as you, has no share, no possessions; and the orphan and the widow, who live in your cities, and shall eat enough, that your God has blessed you in every work of your hands for which you just take."

Few of us consider philanthropy as an integral part of our lives. However, everyone should remember, that charity - it's not just "call of the heart", but also the duty of everyone.

That is why we, the members of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" as a team, that includes representatives of youth, as part of a progressive society in Ukraine, we want to convey thought and cultivate a citizens  desire of need of fundamental changes in the nature of philanthropy in our country. We believe, that this result can be obtained, involving not only the development of non-governmental organizations and business, as it is today, but broad sections of society, every citizen. Assessing the level of charity abroad, analyzing the activities of such successful charities as Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the UK charity «Welcome Trust», Howard Hughes Medical Institute, WK Kellogg Foundation and others, we understand, that we are facing a difficult and thorny path - the path of opening the hearts of everyone.

However, in the words of Alfred Tennyson: "A good heart – has more price, than all the titles." We understand, that only good deeds can make our world better! Open charity - step into the future!

Solomiya Starosolska,
President of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development"