Lviv will be immersed in Festival of Embroidery Shirts

To the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery Shirts, which this year will be celebrated on May 19 in Lviv and Lviv region will hold a series of events dedicated to this holiday. Regional festival of Embroidery Shirts organized jointly with LRSA, LCC, and NGO "Community Development". Besides, public activists together with the local authorities sent to the President and the Verkhovna Rada the collective letter with the request to finally officially introduce Day of Ukrainian Embroidery Shirts as a public holiday.
The public of Lviv supported the idea of a formal introduction of Day of Embroidery Shirts at the national level. The corresponding letter was signed by more than 20 NGOs of Lviv region. The initiative is also supported by authoritative art historians Olena Kis-Fedoruk, Halyna Stelmashchuk, Iryna Danyliv-Flinta, Chairman of the Association of heads of schools of Lviv Lilia Feshchuk, TV presenter Olga Prychun, collector of embroidery shirts Roksoliana Shemchuk, the volunteer and the teacher Sofia Fedyna and others. This was announced today at a press conference in the LCC.
Lviv took up the initiative of activists of Chernivtsi, who began the celebration of the Day of Embroidery Shirts in 2006. Although the festival already has world recognition, it in spite of all requests still has not become public. Then the activists of the Lviv Region have sent an appeal about the introduction of the feast to the deputies of LRC and LCC, as well as to the Verkhovna Rada and the President.

From now until May 19 will host a series of events designed to familiarize people with the history of embroidery, to make it fashionable among all segments of the population, to restore the perception of embroidery as a powerful talisman and symbol of goodwill and peace-loving of Ukrainian nation.

The Festival of Embroidery Shirts in Lviv and region will carry out the following activities:
18 April – 8 May
- collection of embroidery (towels, etc.), and making embroidered items to the schools of the city and region
since April 20
- appeal from the RSA to the Ukrainian Diaspora with the request to gather on the Central squares of cities abroad on May 19 and embroidered together to perform the anthem of Ukraine
- video message to the international community from the children of Lviv; in envelopes abroad will send also the element of embroidery, which is collected in schools and an official letter from RSA
May 8
-the football match Karpaty vs Shakhtar (fans will come in embroidered shirts), the players will come to the handshake in embroidered t-shirts
-flash mob in the stands
May 10 – May 13
- the lessons of local history in schools and demonstration of the trailer of the film on the embroidery “Heritage of the nation"
May 10
- Shevchenko reading in Book Courtyard on the street Vynnychenka, 4 with the participation of artists (Community Development)
May 15 - events in the City Centre (Market Square)
flash mob, during which people (over 200 people) will make a giant embroidery, holding signs with the image of the element embroidery; Image of embroidery will be fixed from the altitude of the drone
- the orchestra of Academy of the Land Forces of Ukraine in embroidery shirts
- the Cossack’s demonstration performances (combat hopak, hand-to-hand hopak, etc.)
- calendar with the participation of singing and dancing groups, to join “Haivky” could anyone
17 May
- the premiere of the film on the embroidery "Neritage of the Nation," in King Cross Leopolis
19 May
- themed charity party and fashion show of embroidery shirts (str. Zelena, 88)
April 28 – May 19
- the exhibition on the Market Square of tables with the description and image of embroidery from different regions of Ukraine
-flash mob and exposition will hold in Stryi and Krasnograd areas in the Central Squares of the Regional Centers
Public activists are calling all Ukrainians on May 19 to wear embroidery shirts to work, to University, to school and kindergarten. Entrepreneurs are asked to decorate the windows of their stores with embroidery.
We will remind, the list of NGOs which have put signatures under the petition to the LRC, LCC, VR, and the President:
СF "Patriot-Lviv"
NGO military patriotic training "Patriot"
NGO "Patriot"
NGO "Afghanska Sotnia"
NGO "Varta 1"
NGO "Startap Hab Ukraine"
NGO “Lvivska Oblasna Spilka Sotsialnogo Zahystu Bijtsiv ATO ta Simej Zahyblyh"
NGO "Ukrainska Spilka Uchasnykiv ATO"
NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”)
NGO "Volonterskyi Kurin"
NGO "Verhovenstvo Zakonu"
NGO "Hrim"
NGO "Antykoruptsiynyi Monitoryng Lvivshchyny"
NGO “Sportyvnyi Klub “Legion” Lviv”
NGO "Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrainy u Lvivskiy Oblasti"
NGO " Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrainy u Lvovo "
The local branch of the Ukrainian NGO " Asotsiatsiya Platnykiv Podatkiv Ukrainy " in Chervonograd
NGO "Objednania Invalidiv Lvivshchyny"
NGO “Zentr Pidtrymky Spryjannia Zahystu Prav Liudyny”
NGO "Krok"