Help get on his feet wounded Cyborg of Lviv

Months of the heroic defense of the Donets’k airport provided brave warriors, which people today call "Cyborgs". We with concern and admiration watched how bravely the soldiers resisted the enemy. And unfortunately, during the defense strategic facility many of them were killed in the fighting and were seriously injured.
To survive, during the powerful attacks of fighters, managed the senior soldier Ostap Havryliak. Twenty seven year old guy, originally from the village Davydiv (Pustomytiv district, Lviv region) in November 2014 was protecting the integrity of our country in the area of anti-terrorist operation, in particular, " keep the defense" at the Donetsk airport. And while powerful shelling of the airfield, in January 2015, the man was under the collapses from the blast. Separatists entered the room terminal, took Ostap as a prisoner. Further – was surgery and his leg was amputated. On the sixth of February he, along with fellows was rescued from captivity.
The warrior, who managed miraculously to survive and return "from the hands of the enemy", did not lose his hart. Ostap enjoys life and cherishes the dream that in the future he will be able to walk on two legs. To help realize the dream of normal life can each of us. We need to collect the required amount of money on a modern high-quality prosthetic manufacture and install it in the UK. It is about 55 thousand dollars. Within half a year 40 thousand of this amounts the family Ostap has been able to collect, only need another 15 thousand. But time is short, because the full amount required urgently in September. I appeal to all not indifferent about the fate of the young Defender, who was willing to give his life for the country and for all of us, with a request to join the fundraising and to give him the opportunity to live and walk on two legs.
Bank details:
MFO: 305749
Bank: PJSC "Credyt Dnipro Bank"
Settlement account: 2600130922401
USREOU(Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine): 39479117
Recipient: Charitable Foundation "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”)
Purpose of payment: charitable help for Ostap Havryliak

Also you have the ability to transfer funds quickly on reference or forward to the card of PrivatBank 5169330507277975 (CF "Community Development", Starosolska Salomiya Petrivna).