Who are they - the rain people?

On April 2 – is a world day of disseminating information about the problems of autism. What do we know about this disease? And most importantly – how people with autism live in a society?

The "autism spectrum disorder" many years ago was diagnosed to Newton and Einstein...
As reported by medical encyclopedia, autism is a developmental disorder characterized by abnormalities in behavior, social interaction and communication. This disorder affects the whole psychic structure of man: sensual, emotional and cognitive processes, motor skills, attention, memory, language and thinking.
It is believed that autistic people do not like to communicate with other people. Actually, it is not. They, like everybody, want to communicate, want to be heard. However, these people differ from others, they have problems in the process of learning and social interaction that prevents them from communicating. But they can wake up other distinct abilities, it can be said — as compensation.
In modern society, which allegedly shows tolerance to everything and everyone, families with children with autism every time notice the condemnation and rejection. We condemn those parents whose children act up in stores, disdainful look at the baby, which monotonically shifts the sand in the sandbox or shifts the cubes from place to place, but not for a moment think about the reasons of such behavior.
First of all you need to understand that autism is not a mental illness. With proper correction, people who are diagnosed with autism, can adapt to the society and successfully evolve. A huge number of people who have had similar problems in early childhood can live a full life. Among the famous people this diagnosis have Woody Allen, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg.
But this will be our next material...