An incredible vacation for the children of participants of the ATO in Slavsk

A unique summer camp for kids of our defenders continues, the children enjoy the happy moments in the Carpathians and already are dreaming about the next camp from activists of NGO "Community Development" with the support of the eponymous Charitable Foundation.
The camp's program "Moves&skills. Adventures in Slavsk" not only focused on health improvement and recreation of children, but also intellectual development. The camp was attended by children from different districts of Lviv region. Every day was special for kids. Remain unchanged Wellness exercises every morning and English classes. Also together with the psychologist, children learn to identify their temperament type, and recognize themselves better.
The fourth day brought the campers fun in a Rope club. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" organized for children the pirate quest. Little pirates of "Community Development" enthusiastically searched for the treasure, overcoming various obstacles in the Rope Park, because, according to legend, the treasure needed to save Ukraine. Finding gold, all celebrated the victory with delicious hot dogs and fun dances.


Friday gave to the campers a colorful day. After daily active recreation, with the assistance of Oleg Vynnyk, children had the opportunity to vigorously spend time in the "Bowling Club", knocking the strike. After lunch children had a theme party, were they learned about the authenticity of ancient symbols, traditions and culture of India, as well as the girls practiced in moves of Indian dance. The evening ended for the kids with fun disco and unforgettable impressions.

On Saturday, the campers went to the stadium, where they played their favorite game - football. With a special interest played football girls, fighting for the victory. After an emotional game, children went shopping for Carpathian Souvenirs. And in the evening visited the conceptual mafia party.
Sunday was memorable with intellectual games during the lesson of the English language, the analysis of psychological tests and ascending on the mountain Pogar. Despite efforts to conquer new vertex, guys have a second wind, they actively and vigorously celebrated the incredible Indian party. According to the scenario, the children chose the leader, assistants who helped him to decide on the admission of new members to their tribe. The evening ended with a feast of Goodies and moving dances.

During their stay at camp, a week ago, unknown children, have now become real friends. The kids loved the camp "Moves&skills. Adventures in Slavsk " and are dreaming about the next camp from the NGO “Community Development”.

The time spent with kids is coming to the end. All kids – were very friendly and smart. Their positive energy inspires to do good deeds, and we do not want to part with them," shares Chrystyna Melekestseva, project Manager.

The organizers and participants of the summer camp are sincerely grateful to the project partners, which includes: TDV "Zhydachivskiy Surzavod", PJSC "Concern Khlibprom", LLC "Sandora", the restaurant "Maxym" , Dobra Apteka, Bank Credit Agricole, VS-Bank, Raiffeisen Bank Aval. Special thanks for significant financial support in conducting the camp organizers would like to Ukrainians in London,olso we are grateful to the guide of a rope road in the village Slavsk, administration of stadium “Arena Slavsk” and club "Bowling".