In schools of Lviv was held a massive collection of embroidery

NGO"Community Development" jointly with the Department of education LCC held a massive collection of small embroidery in the framework of the Festival of Embroidery. Were collected about 200 items of embroidery .
The collection of embroidery and video messages to the international community was initiated by Lviv Regional State Administration to introduce the world the celebration of the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery.
City schools are actively taken up by the initiative and handed over all the embroidery in the Department of education of the LCC. Managed to collect almost two hundred embroidered napkins, towels, ribbons, etc.

Collected embroidery was send abroad with a video message from the children and the official letter from the LRSA with a call to support the Ukrainians and also to celebrate the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery.

Public activists are calling for all Ukrainians on May 19 to wear shirts to work, to University, to school and kindergarten. Entrepreneurs are asked to decorate the windows of their stores with embroidery.
In the framework of the Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery, which started in Lviv on April 18 will be held a lot of activities associated with Ukrainian ethnic symbols.
May 10 – May 13
- the lessons of local history in schools and demonstration of the trailer of the film on the embroidery “Heritage of the Nation"
17 May
- the premiere of the film on the embroidery "Heritage of the Nation," in King Cross Leopolis
19 May Market Square, from 14:00 till 19:00.
-flash mob, during which people (over 200 people) will create a giant embroidery, holding signs with the image of the element of embroidery; embroidery image will be fixed from the altitude of the drone
- Cossack demonstration speeches (combat hopak, hand-to-hand hopak, etc.)
- “Haivky” with the participation of singing and dancing groups
- A large-scale festival "Embroidered Ukraine" from fighters of ATO and tasty kulish for everyone
- themed charity party and fashion show of embroidery in the club "Picasso" (str. Zelena, 88) at 19:00 .
April 28 – May 19
- the exhibition on the Market Square of tables with the descriptions and images of embroideries from different regions of Ukraine
We will remind, public activists together with the local authorities sent to the President and the Verkhovna Rada the collective letter with the request to finally officially introduce Day of Ukrainian Embroidery as a public holiday.