Activists of the NGO "Community Development" held for local children, the celebration of St. Nicholas in 5 cities of Ukraine

This year the campaign for the St. Nicholas Day lasted from 11 till 20 December. Celebrations activists staged in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Stryi, Novojavorivsk and Lviv.
The celebrations began in the capital of Galychyna: children made toys on the Christmas tree for orphans from three centers in the action "I'll make you a toy." Joined in congratulating a true St. Nicholas and Vice-miss of Lviv 2015 Nina Goryniuk.

Kids, who need social care, activists drove to the residence of St. Nicholas in one of the hotels in the city. Older kids went to the Dolphinarium "Oscar" in Truskavets. About two hundred children join our project.

Meanwhile, the activists of our organizations prepared new projects. We can be proud of the results of their work.

In Ivano-Frankivsk on 18 December the activists of the branch of the NGO "Community Development" pleased the pupils of the boarding school with gifts. The Teens immediately unwrapped gifts with brand new clothes and then gave a little fashion show: the girls wore stylish jackets and dresses, and the boys were delighted with the new leather shoes. Then all enjoyed tasty traditional sweets. Packets of sweets to children on the eve of the feast transferred local businessmen-philanthropists.

Acquaintance with the pupils was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, so the activists had planned to hold in the school, thematic workshops, trainings and seminars.

Meanwhile, Ternopil activists, who support the NGO "Community Development", held an action "Good deeds of St. Nicholas." The warmth of the holiday was given to children of Petrykivskyi orphanage and Petrykivska school of I-III degree. For kids was organized a show, and later they were treated with sweets. Also activists visited Petrykivskyi geriatric home to please older people and show that St. Nicholas takes care of everybody.

In Stryi St. Nicholas was even more ambitious: the activists of the local branch arranged three festive events. On 18 December they arranged a festive dinner for the elderly and delivered boxes of food for the inhabitants of the village of Grabivtsi. Lonely old women were pleasantly surprised with the attention from young people. Indeed, many of them the knock at the door hear only once a month - from the postman who brings their pension.

After that the activists of the branch of the NGO "Community Development" paid attention to local children. Saint Nicholas came to Pidhirtsivska special boarding school in Stryi region. There kids-orphans and children with disabilities were waiting for him. First, pupils enjoyed the show made by the entertainment staff, and then children were presented with a table tennis table. The activists also thanks to caring people realized the dream of a little boy with special needs- Victor. The child asked in a letter to the St. Nickolas a mobile phone. His request was fulfilled.

NGO activists also handed over a box with Christmas balls that were made by children from Stryi Secondary School No. 4.

On 20 December, St. Nickolas visited the wives and children of soldiers of ATO. Members of the Stryi branch of the NGO "Community Development" organized for them a holiday program at a local café: first they were treated with delicious dishes and sweets, and then went to play games in a new children’s room. They played useful famous game "Twister". Various funny figures from adult bodies made laugh not only participants, but also children.
  • For Yurchik and me, it was very pleased to feel the attention and concern of caring people from NGO, especially during the holidays. Because the Government usually in such cases keeps silent... ' said Anastasia, the widow of the Stryi fallen hero of ATO - Pavlol Koval.
Activists from Yavoriv cell also worked effectively on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day. On 18 December in Novoyavorivsk was organized for orphans and children of soldiers of the ATO a visit to the ice rink. The kids also told their wishes to St. Nickolas and received sweet gifts. The children were pleasantly surprised and very satisfied!
  • I really liked to ride, didn't feel the cold and fatigue, because I really got carried away. It was cool, thanks for giving us such a rest,- says Yuriy
The draughts tournament completed projects for the Day of St. Nickolas. Yavoriv district center of the NGO "Community Development" in cooperation with the region champion in draughts Yuriy Koonts held an open competition among children.
The tournament was conducted overall in two categories of children aged 6-10 years (group "young hope") and 11-16 years ("cadets") according to the Swiss system of 7-8 rounds.
Participants were children from various settlements of Yavoriv and seven children from Lviv.
In the group "Young hope" the winners are: Osadchaya V. from Novojavorivsk (1st place), P. Tsikalyshyn from Novojavorivsk (2nd place), and M. Salo from Zatoka (3rd place).
In the group of "Cadets" took first place V. Obushka from Novoyavorivsk, 2 place O. Makarevych from Novoyavorivsk, 3rd place R. Skowronek from Lviv.
Winners and prize-winners awarded with diplomas, cups and medals from Yavoriv district branch of NGO "Community Development".
NGO "Community Development" expresses its sincere gratitude to all partners who joined the projects on the eve of Saint Nickolas Day:
Animators of "SviatZabavy" (Stryi)
The permanent partner of a pizzeria "Celentano" (Stryi)
Mall Jantar (m. Novoyavorivsk)
Novoyavorivsk chess club for the use of sports equipment.