The international community has supported the Festival of Ukrainian Embroidery

The Department of culture of the LRSA has already received responses from Ukrainians from Turkey, Moldova, China and Norway, on the celebration of the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery in these countries.
The Ukrainian community in Istanbul celebrated the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery on May 15. Ukrainians in embroidered costumes organized a festive concert, which was attended by several generations.

Ukrainian Embassy in China has already initiated the celebrations. The events are planned to attract the maximum number of Ukrainians.

- The community knows about our campaign and plans to join. All photos of the action will be placed under hashtag #ChinaVyshyvanka so everyone could easily find and view photos,- is said in the message of PU in the PRC.


In Moldova the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery will be held on 19 May in Kishinev. Ukrainians invite everyone to join the March of Embroidered shirts, which will start at 15.30 in the square of the Cathedral.
The Ukrainian community in Norway organizes events due to the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery in Oslo on May 21 as part of the "Festival of language and culture".
We will remind, Festival of Embroidery organized due to the Day of Ukrainian Embroidery in Lviv by the NGO "Community Development" with the support of  LRSA and LCC.