The Israel experience of adaptation of people with autism

The Israel experience in dealing with the problems of autism-is many years of practice, the improvements and the outcomes of different paths of development. Here almost every child, regardless of characteristics or features, is in the education system.
Israel system of education for children with special needs, particularly with autism, differs from Ukrainian witrh opportunities for  these children. As well as with the number of specialists and motivations. It should be noted that in Israel has long been engaged with pre-schoolers and adolescents, and adults with autism. Parents may enroll their child in different educational institutions, depending on age. There is a nursery for early development (2-3 years) and kindergartens from the age of three for children with autism. The next step - school. In Israel there are four primary schools for children with autism. They are located in Jerusalem, Rishon-LeZion, Herzliya and Tel Aviv. Their place was specifically chosen so that the regions could get to the schools. In this institution, children learn from 6 to 12 years.
The form and the place of education in Israel defines the municipality (similar to our psychological-medical-pedagogical consultations), given the level of development, as well as the family's capacity to provide extra-curricular activities and other factors. Those children, whom the municipality sends to school, must be taken without any additional requirements.
There are also high schools for children with autism, which teaches boys and girls from 12 years to 21 years. 21 - is the age when Israel ends school education for children with peculiarities in development. In this school there are pupils with average and below average intelligence. In regular schools kids finish secondary education in 18 years.
Also in Israel, is popular the experience of supported living apartments for adults, already employed people with autism. In the apartment lives a few people, and three caregivers who alternate in shifts. Each of the residents has his own bedroom, there is room for the caregiver, kitchen, living room-studio. Residents are supervised, even when they are outside the apartment. Every person who is going to live in this apartment, entered into a contract in which prescribes, in the case of any behavior he may lose housing.
In Israel children with special needs are divided into 13 groups, in Ukraine only 8. The government funds each child, and this means that whatever school the child would choose, he would definitely study there.
Israel is one of the leading countries in the question of adaptation of people with autism. For Ukraine it can be a priceless experience, thereby making rain people's lives much more comfortable in society.