While the mother is fighting for her life, let's help her son with disability

Suffered, as a result of the recent terrorist attacks in Lviv, precinct police inspector Nadiya Andrukhiv continues medical treatment abroad in Israel hospitals. Family resources are intended to save the woman's life and health. At this time her only son with cerebral palsy needs our support.

Because of the explosion near local point of police department, which occurred on July 14, thirty-one-year Nadiya has extremely difficult wounds. Saving a woman's life, doctors had to amputate her leg and to remove part of the internal organs. Charitable Foundation "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) has received 3 thousand UAH on treatment of victims of explosions of Nadiya Andrukhiv and another injured local inspector Roman Lychak.

Nadiya now is fighting for her life and health under the supervision of Israel doctors and dreams of early return to normal life, after all, in home is waiting for her, her only son, who in particular is in need of her help. Danylko was born with cerebral palsy. All free time Nadiya devoted to her son. From the time when the mother is on treatment, after the boy takes care his uncle, Volodymyr Kovalenko. He appealed to the Charitable Foundation "Community Development" with a request to assist the child in the form of school supplies and clothes. This year Danylko passed in 8th class. For training he needs a backpack, pencil case, sports uniforms (height 155 cm), sneakers (size 38-39), copybooks (at least 24 sheets), pens, pencils, ruler, stationery set. We invite all concerned to help the boy.

Bank details:

1.MFO(the bank code): 305749 Bank: PJSC "Credyt Dnipro Bank" Settlement account: 2600130922401

USREOU(Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine):

Recipient: Charitable Foundation "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady")

2. PJSC CB "PRIVATBANK" MFO (the bank code): 325321 Settlement account for national currency: 26005053832537 USREOU (Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine):  39479117 Recipient: Charitable Foundation "Community Development"

3. Card account 5169330507277975 Starosolska Salomiya Petrivna. (Chairman of the Charitable Foundation "Community Development"); or you can transfer funds on a direct link sendmoney.privatbank.ua.
You may also bring to the boy things to the office of the NGO "Community Development", which is located at the address:
Lviv, Shevchenko Avenue 7, 4 floor, of.25.
Mobile phone: +38 (067) 310-7787.
Landlines: (032) 235 55 03, (032) 235 55 04.