NGO "Community Development" raised funds for the installation of two ramps in Lviv

In the framework of the project "So different – but equal" activists raised funds for two wheelchair ramps. Already developed blueprints of these structures. Now the organization is looking for a company partner that would take over the manufacturing of ramps.
Activists of the NGO "Community Development" already have developed drawings of ramps in one of children's clinics in the city and the theatre named after Maria Zankovetska. Remains to produce ramps for low mobility people and set them in these places.
"So different – but equal" is a social project in which people with disabilities draw pictures. The proceeds from the sale of these paintings goes towards equipping buildings with ramps.
Recall that in the framework of the project, the NGO "Community Development" conducted the monitoring of accessibility of the city. Having recorded numerous violations, activists have taken control of the arrangement of the ramps.
If you know a company that would have manufactured the ramps to solve the problem of availability of Lviv, call this number - 096 46 72 226 - Andriy