Activists of "Community Development" staged memory of all victims of armed conflicts

The event was hefty supported from citizens and visitors of Lviv. People were enlisted willingly, attached to their clothing poppies and donated funds to support ATO militaries.

On Friday, May 8, NGO activists at the monument to the King Danilo Galician handed poppy flowers as a symbol of memory of victims of all military and civilian armed conflict to the citizens and guests of the city. Participants of the "Community Development" told passersby about the importance of flowers and how famous this day is in the history. Honoring the memory of the dead militaries, NGO representatives laid a big poppy and lit the candle.

Members of the NGO asked caring people to raise funds to support troops of Lviv border detachment (military unit 2144) for the repair of vehicles, which would be soon sent to the ATO area. Lviv citizens and guests readily joined the action. Charitable Foundation "Community Development" managed to gather 2221 UAH, of which 1558 UAH will be transferred to Lviv border detachment, and the remaining amount will be directed to sew flags for the military in the area of ATO.

"People willingly approached us, interested in the purpose of fundraising and charity foundation "Community Development". Also as part of the campaign we hung a big piece of paper, where passers-by could write their wishes for our militaries of ATO. These letters of wishes will go soon to the east of Ukraine to our militaries,"- shared the President of the Charity Foundation “Community Development” - Starosolska Solomiya.

We remember! We will win!