Entertainment in the shopping center King Cross Leopolis during the fourth day of summer camp

Day, held in the largest shopping center of the city, gave the children lots of new impressions and positive emotions. Today they visited the cinema at the premiere of the cartoon and learned independently to produced attributes for a Hawaiian party.

On the fourth day of summer camp Moves&Skills, the activists of the NGO "Community Development" together with the eponymous Charity Foundation organized the children going to the cinema “Planeta Kino IMAX”. In 3D they watched the premiere of the cartoon "Inside Out" which was very touching.

"I really liked the cartoon. I really wanted to see it! Now I am happy because today my wish come true!", - shared her joy Dasha.

For lunch children from the summer camp invited Diana the administrator of pizzeria "Da Vinci". In addition to traditional Italian dishes – pizza, children were treated with sweets and beverages.

After a hearty lunch, the campers decided to refresh their knowledge of the English language and to learn some new words and expressions, playing games. After a rest, the children went to prepare for the feast that awaits them the next day. It is about a Hawaiian party in the sports and entertainment complex "Medyk". The main attribute of this holiday are Hawaiian wreaths. The children together with activists of the NGO made tissues of Patriotic colors.

Activists of NGO and Charitable Fundatition "Community Development" express their sincere thanks to Oksana, who established watching the movie in the "Planeta IMAX Cinema",to Diana for a tasty pizza,and also to "Concern Khlibprom" and LLC "Sandora".