The celebration of beauty for women with disabilities was held in Ternopil

"Femininity without borders" has expanded its borders. On September 4, activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”) held a festival for women with special needs in Ternopil.

After the extraordinary success from the conduct of “Femininity without borders” in Lviv, community activists took to implement the project in other parts of the country. The first city that has taken the relay was the Ternopil.

To draw attention to the problems of people with special needs, and also to show the public that women with disabilities, are also charming and graceful –was the main purpose originated the project "Femininity without borders". For participants were organized: a free photo session, a trip to the beauty salon and a selection of evening dresses. Co-organizers of the celebration of beauty in Ternopil were Miroslava Denysyuk, the owner of the beauty salon "Mira", Iryna Bazylevska, Director of the Fund of social protection of persons with disabilities, and members of NGO "Beautiful city"(“Fayne Misto”). Also, volunteered a lot of other partners and photographers who helped to hold the festival in a high level.

The project involved six women, four of them are in wheelchairs, and two can move on crutches. Among the participants of the project was present "Miss Ukraine in a wheelchair" Olena Riznyk, who received the award in 1998. Some beauties came to support their relatives and friends. Especially we were impressed by the presence of Ternopil photographer Pavlo Drevnytskyi, who also moves in a wheelchair. Ladies, with spectacular hairstyles, makeup and outfit, radiated everyone with joy and positive feelings. The holiday had a great success. In this day raged extremely positive emotions, which enriched not only the participants, but also the organizers. On September 8, "Femininity without borders" will take place in Vinnytsia.

"Good deeds are easy to do! Especially, when God sends you such wonderful, incredibly talented, charming people. Ternopil, You are MEGA cool, now I understand the famous phrase "Fayne Misto Ternopil"(“Ternopil is a wonderful town”). Thanks to Your big hearts, positive energy, unconditional love, the project "Femininity without borders" becomes even more popular. Thank You for such a good organization of the festival. And my dear activists of the NGO "Community Development", thank you a lot... Lets go to Vinnytsia!", - shared her impressions on the page in social networks one of the organizers of the project, an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Roksolana Tokarska.

The project organizers Express their gratitude to the participants of the event and those who contributed to its implementation, namely, photographers Sergiy Gis, Yuriy Hmurych, Nadiya Leshchyshyn, Ulyana Shtunyk, Pavlo Drevnytskyi, Andriy Skwarko (photo Studio "Autograph"), the operator Oleksiy Hushtyk, beauty salon"Mira", Myroslava Denysyuk, bar "Shynok", shop-salon "Tajna" taxi 549, creative workshop "Crafters", NGO"Beautiful city", Alina Dzyuba, the Director of the Fund of social protection of disabled persons Iryna Bazylevska.