Lviv ninth graders spoke about the nuances of the legal profession

In the framework of the project "Career Guidance in Schools" activists of NGO "Community Development" prepared for the ninth graders of school № 49 of Lviv a lecture on the importance of legal knowledge for each individual, the pros and cons of the profession.
The human rights activist with over a decade of experience, Andriy Bolubash told the students about the prerequisites for the creation of law, as well as interesting historical facts of legal science and mishaps in practice of the profession of lawyer.

Andriy Bolubash noted that in the legal profession there are both pros and cons. Among the advantages it should be noted that the lawyer occupies a high position, high position in society and has a high salary, the opportunity to defend his rights, the rights of relatives, friends, and comrades. The lawyer helps the offended person to protect their rights. However, the profession has some drawbacks that can significantly affect the choice of a profession, namely: constantly forced to make decisions that can change the destiny of man, the severe responsibility for errors, sometimes remorse, and psychological stresses. Therefore, steady mind is a prerequisite: the wrong advice can cause enormous damage to the firm and its reputation, long working hours, workload and greater resistance of the system in the performance and observance of the law.

The lawyer was able to interested pupils; they were delighted with the lectures. They liked the examples of court cases. Between the speaker and the audience has developed an open dialogue. Pupils listened about practice of consideration of court cases in the European Court of Human Rights, as told in detail the lawyer.
Pupils also asked about the possible prospects of development of the legal profession, in particular: if a woman can hold high judicial position?
  • Undoubtedly yes. A striking example is Pajonkevych Helena Kazymyrivna, a lawyer with over twenty years experience, head of the Legal Department of the Lviv City Council. She was able successfully to unite more than 30 legal professionals who under the guidance of Mrs. Pajonkevych quickly and efficiently solve all the tasks. – Said Andriy Bolubash.

An open lecture on the theme "Legal knowledge - the Foundation for every person" held to improve the legal education of students. Legal knowledge develops children's respect for law and human rights.