In Novoyavorivsk celebrated the City Day and the final of the festival "Young Halychyna" together with the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromady”)

On July 12, in the Novoyavorivsk in the Lviv region, was a celebration at the same time of three events: a gala concert of the International festival "Moloda Halychyna 2015", the 50th anniversary since the founding of the city and the Church feast of Petra and Pavla. Our activists joined the organization of festive events.
A number of festive events for residents and visitors of the city has prepared activists of the NGO "Community Development". Throughout the day, members of the organization held workshops for children, painted kids with Patriotic symbols. Thanks to NGO to Novoyavorivsk came Lviv artists of  art Studio "Shuchliada", which performed for free workshops on drawing for kids.


Novoyavorivsk is the hometown of Ukrainian artist Andriy Kuzmenko, which this year tragically died in a car accident. Countrymen of the singer decided on the Day of the City to honor his memory. The activists of the "Community Development" joined this action. On the meadow, under the accompaniment of the guitar, people sang their favorite songs of the group "Scriabin".


Special attention of participants was attracted by the opportunity to be photographed near the brand-wall. In the future everyone will be able to see the photos created by professional photographers, on the Internet. While uploading photos, users were asked to transfer the money to record a video for the talented participant of the festival "Moloda Halychyna" Victoria Gawlowska. The girl failed to win the contest prizes, but her potential has not left indifferent for the students and the Charitable Foundation " Community Development ".

A special gift to the people of the city Novoyavorivsk from the NGO "Community Development" was the performance of the popular singer Natalka Karpa. After singing several songs, the artist invited on stage the activist of the NGO "Community Development", writer Nicka Nickaleo:

"Our organization today opened its center in your glorious city and invite all to join our ranks, to help people with disabilities, orphans, soldiers. "Community Development" has many social projects which are the ultimate sign of a civil society. And that's why we strive to disseminate such activities in other parts of our area, encouraging people to joint noble initiatives for our European future."

Also on the scene Natalka Karpa offered her help and support in creating the video for Victoria Gawlowska based on the production center KARPARATION.