In Lviv was held a unique exhibition of artists-beginners

These weekends in Lviv for the first time was held a national exhibition of visual art works "NEWWAVEЕXHIBITION". General partner of the event was NGO "Community Development"
In the hangar of the tram depot (st. Saharova 2) the organisers have created a unique area, which United many indifferent to the culture people. The exhibition was attended by over fifty young artists with individual vision of the beautiful, from the photographer to the representative of street art from Illustrator to designer...

The exhibition caused a stir among critics and ordinary visitors. In General, the exhibition visited about a thousand people. The exposition was held under a constant musical accompaniment which was provided by professional DJs. All the artists gathered under the slogan "New wave".

  • During Saturday and Sunday #NEWWAVEEXHIBITION was visited by many people. During these three days there were a lot of good reviews about the work of our participants, and questions about the possibility to buy favorite works. There is a need to hold art auctions, and part of the obtained means to direct on support of the idea of creating a Museum of Technology in the hangar of the tram depot, - said the organizer of the event and the artist Olena Rojuk.
The exhibits from the exhibition soon will be sold at public auction. The proceeds from the sale will go towards the establishment of the Museum of Technology in an old tram depot.
Collective exposition became the official opening of a brand new art platform in Ukraine.