An art workshop was held for the youngest participants of the prayer service

On Sunday, November 9 the families of militaries,  killed in the area of ATO, came to the joint funeral prayer to Lviv. Most of them came with children.

The activists of "Rozvytok Hromady" treated about the meeting withparents, wives and children of the heroes. After the church service they were invited to a joint dinner. In order to take the attention of the children, while parents were sharing their experiences for adults, the kids were conducted to different master classes and talked with scouts from the hut on behalf of Olena Pchilka.

The amateur-artist-  Oksana Petrishin taught the children of using the colors. The children while coloring the pictures, studied successfully how to combine the colors. Along the Ukrainian Scouts taught to weave bracelets with national motifs.

We want to remind you, that NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" launched the Center for the families of the deceased militaries from the area of ATO. The activists provide the legal, financial and psychological support and invaluable attention to the families, who have suffered a terrible grief.