Activists of the NGO "Community Development" help to organize summer camps in the Park "Pogulianka"

Fun competitions and interesting master classes by members of the NGO "Community Development" diversified summer camps. Rich entertainment programs were presented to the children in the Park "Pogulianka" in Lviv.
The Lviv school students, who attend a summer camp at the Center of creativity of children and youth in Halychyna, recently visited the activists of the NGO "Community Development". For children they have prepared many interesting activities. Active guests had the opportunity to compete in sports competitions. Formed in several teams, both boys and girls demonstrated their speed and agility. After the competition each team member, won a prize, and were handed the diploma.


Those, who prefer a more relaxing holiday, gathered near the table, where kids were painted by blue and yellow paint, harmless to health. Decorated with Ukrainian symbols on the hands and faces, children paraded in front of each other and in front of cameras.


Girls, who during sports games messed up their hair, use a master-class on braiding. NGO activists just under the open sky tidied hair beauties no worse than in professional salons.

As for children, and for the activists of the NGO, this day was full of positive and good emotions.

"Our NGO tries to pay more attention to the younger generation. Because we understand that the more kindness and love we invest in our children today, the better, smarter and kinder than our society will be in the future. Interesting developmental activities, sporting events, or even pleasant communication will certainly have a positive impact on children," says a member of the NGO "Community Development" Hrystyna Bolinovska.