The language of the nation in symbols and signs

Ukrainian embroidery – is a national clothes, the result of hard work, which is filled with a huge palette of colors and sacred ornaments. It is a kind of code of the nation in symbols and signs.
Geometric patterns keep a lot of secret characters, closely interlaced with Slavic mythology. Geometric ornament is one of the most common types of embroidery. It is characterized by rhombs, circles, crosses, lines, zigzags. In addition, among geometrical ornament very popular are "scrawls"(“karakuli”) and "endless"(“bezkonechnyk”), which came to us from the Trypillya culture.
The values of secret symbols and geometric patterns should start with Water and Sun. Because, these two elements you can often find on Ukrainian embroideries. The sun was depicted as octagonal flower or rosette. But the pattern of water - like a twisted snake. Ornaments Water and Sun symbolize the two elements. They put on a children's shirt like a charm maternal and paternal energy.
The sun, symbolizes goodness, and serves as protection against evil forces.

Embroidery embellished with rhombus and with a dot in the middle is the symbol of fertility and male power. Such patterns embroidered with blue thread, which marked the air and the heavenly element.
Floral designs on the embroidery had to show the beauty of nature. These patterns represent really existing in the nature forms. The most common floral ornaments in traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt are the following motives: "kalyna" (“guelder rose”), “dubove lystia” (“oak leaves"), “vynograd”("grapes"), "barvinok",  “hmil”("hops") and many others.
The values of secret symbols, of floral ornament you need to start with the pattern of "kalyna" (“guelder rose”). In ancient times, this tree was connected with the birth of the Universe and the fiery trio: the Moon, the Sun and the Stars.
The name "kalyna" (“guelder rose”) derives from the ancient name of the sun - "Kolo". The pattern of "kalyna" (“guelder rose”) on embroidery symbolized a kind of immortality and Rebirth.
Pattern oak embroidered only on men's shirts. Perun’s Oak Tree, which was the patron of male energy, development and life. Shirt with this ornament was a magical talisman, it gives men power of the Ukrainian nation.
Now let’s talk about grapes. Such ornaments symbolized joy and beauty of family life. According to ethnographers, the vineyard is a kind of life field, where the husband as the head of the family acts as the sower, but the wife is required to raise and care for the vine and family. Embroiders with grapes are popular in Poltava and Kiev. But in Chernihiv patterns with grapes were applied to towels and tablecloths.
Also one of the main patterns is the red poppy. It is believed that embroidery poppies must protect their master from any evil. In families where the men were killed in the war girls on their shirts made this pattern, pledging to preserve and continue the Cossack’s race.
But the patterns of hops mean love, youth and obstreperousness. Shirts with hops wore the guys who were preparing for marriage.
Most often on the embroidery was applied a gowk “zozulya”, fish, rabbit, owl, butterfly or a cock. Animal ornaments can be seen in conjunction with a variety of fancy weaves.
The embroidery color is also a deep secret of characters.

Black embroidered shirts mean, as a rule, sorrow and sadness. Although, they are sales leaders nowadays. Usually, these are “borshchivki” and they symbolize grief and the loss of a loved one. White on white chose a young modest girl. This embroidery emphasized the natural beauty of the girls and is a protection against evil forces. They are often worn during weddings. The red color is a sign of good luck and protection. Green is a symbol of birth and growth, causing the patterns of grass and leaves. Yellow - wealth, riches. Yellow also symbolizes the sun as the energy of all life on earth.
It was thought that the embroidery on the chest protects the human soul from destruction, decay, and death.

Embroidery on shoulders - gives strength and protects from enemies. Cossacks coded in embroidery military secrets: the number and composition of troops.

Today embroidery for the first time – is the most popular trend on the catwalks of fashion.
On materials from different sources
Nika Nikaleo