Traditions from West to East, from North to South

The team of NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" organized a holiday for children from the East Ukraine. In total, the cultural capital of Ukraine will receive about 40 pupils aged 10-15 years. The familiesfrom Drohobych will gladly accept young guests in their homes at Christmas time.

Within 2 days various attractions are organizedfor the children. Together with the accompanying people, they will visit the Museum of the History of Religion, the Cathedral of St.. Jura, the Church of Olga and Elizabeth and other temples in Lviv, drive on the "Wonder train" and skate, will visit the festive performances and actions, including the Christmas parade, the feast of dumplings and others in the city center. In the frames of the programme the children will play entertainment games in the scout Ukrainian organization “Plast”, and they will speak with the popular children's writersfrom Lviv - Ljubov Viduta and Dara Korniy.

"We want to introduce the children to the culture of the western regions of Ukraine, to instill a love of deep national traditions and Ukrainian art, show how to celebrate Christmas in the Lviv region. After all, asTaras Shevchenko said: "You have to study abroad, but not to forget where are you from...". We were born in different parts of the country, and of course, our tradition is somehow different, but both of us were under the the impact of Poland in the west and in the east - of course under Russia. And we all have the same roots and we are obliged to talk about it, to be together, because unity is our strength "- said the project coordinator, a Lviv writer Nica Nicaleo.

We should admit, that the event "Christmas in Lviv for the children from Debaltsevo" conducted by the Charity Fund "Rozvytok Hromady"will finance the visit activities, meals and the travel costs of the guests.