Activists of the NGO "Community Development"(“Rozvytok Hromqady”) organized a family holiday.

On Sunday, July 19, the community of Novoyavorivsk had the opportunity to participate in free workshops organized by the activists of the NGO.

Sunday, in the afternoon on the main square of Novoyavorivsk was crowded and noisy. Residents actively participated in activities organized by members of the NGO. Most notable was the youngest holiday guests who enjoy taking part in various master classes. On that day, the children painted on the asphalt with chalks, participated in sports and games. Also, the activists of "Community Development" made for kids Patriotic body paintings.

With special delight children were taught new skills, namely mastered the basis for the creation of decoupage (decorating technique of different items ) and the weaving of colored bracelets. Parents together with their children were involved in the creative process. Family holiday in Novoyavorivsk lasted about three hours.

"Holding such an interesting master-classes in our city is a very good initiative. Our today’s walk with the children was interesting and eventful. Kids were delighted with workshops and games that were held on the holiday. Of course, parents were very pleased that children have the opportunity to spend time in interesting and useful way.We want these events to be hold as often as possible" - says the participant of the festival Natalia.

In the near future in Novoyavorivsk will begin its work the office of the NGO "Community Development" so there will be more similar events in the city.