For the first two days of action "I'll make you a toy," joined more than a hundred children

On December 11, in the SEC "King Cross in Lviv" activists of "Community Development" held first day of action, "I'll make you a toy". Opened the campaign a master class with painting of plastic pendants. The next day, on December 12, young participants made vintage cards. Visitors of the shopping center with their children were actively involved with the production of handicraft items. In this action participated about a hundred children, who produced more than two hundred toys.
On the first day of the campaign children painted plastic beads-pendants and cups. For kids these works were very enthusiastic. Children were in a hurry and tried to make as many decorations as possible, to make for the orphans a real treat.
  • I already made three Christmas ornaments. I want my efforts to please the children in orphanage, because they too want the Christmas trees and the holidays - shares small Diana

The action willingly joined parents: drew and helped to choose an idea, color. The artist and activist of "Community Development" Andriy Feduniak looked after the kids. He showed how and what to paint, what paint is best to use.
  • I am very glad to see that kids get pleasure from the process. After all, we do it for a common good goal. Today we need to teach children to help each other, explain that there are around us those who need our support, says Mr. Andriy
  • My brother and I never made toys on the Christmas tree before, this is very interesting, and we liked it a lot. I get dirty a little bit with paint, but no worries, it's still a creative process,- said Nastia
On the next day, December 12, kids were doing vintage postcards under the guidance of writer Nika Nikaleo. They made more than a hundred postcards. Craftswoman Iren Tokarska brought over a hundred of “vytynanok” to decorate the Christmas tree.
Many visitors came up and examined the already finished work. Everyone can choose the one that came to mind and buy it, throwing money in the drawer. The proceeds will go to please children-orphans with gifts. The action was joined by ten children from the 104th boarding school.


We will remind, the action will continue for two more days -17 and 18 December. On the last day the children will finish all the toys, fully absorb the tree, and activists will carry them to the orphanages and boarding schools.
We are waiting for everyone who wants to join and give the children a holiday.