Reading - a window into the world

On Tuesday, November 4 our NGO "Rozvytok Hromady" with popular Ukrainian writers DaraKorniy, Lyubov Vidutafrom the Women's literary club in Lvivarranged ameeting-reading in the orphanage in Lavriv, that is the Sambir region.

The fantasy writer - Dara Korniy immediately jumped at the idea to hold reading in an orphanage: "Now there is a trend of general reading reduction. Especially dangerous is the rate among the children. The winter events showed me personally how important is to vaccinate a love of reading books for the children from an early age. And the kids, who have limited parent’s attention,  have to get it from us  - the writers. "

The orphanage in Lavriv –is newly founded. It is now for 45 children aged from 3 to 18 years.
Lyubov Ivanivna –the Deputy Director of the orphanage in Lavriv shared with us, that their pupils are very happy talking to new people, but the writers had never visited them. "I hope for a long and interesting collaboration that will encourage our children to read modern Ukrainian literature"
Nica Nicaleo,
writer, journalist