A unique exhibition "Ukrainian мавпаdoll" is opening in Lviv. The part of means will go on charity projects of "Community Development"

On 20 January in the improvisation restaurant Hrushevsky cinema jazz kicks off the opening of the exhibition-sale of friendly caricatures of celebrities, among them the doll Gaitana, Ruslana, Osadcha, etc.
Masters has created unusual images of famous Ukrainians to popularize the art of dolls. Association of puppeteers and artists, including Lana Malkova-Mostova, Kateryna Kyryllova, Oksana Vesna, Olena Tsiluiko and Sasha Lozynska-Yaroshevych, was founded in Lviv in July 2015. The purpose of the club is to spread and rise the art doll not only in Ukraine but also abroad. The artist believe that art doll does not give clear answers, but asks frank questions. At the exhibition you will see a few unique items, prototypes of which are known to the Ukrainians. At least two prototypes – Oksana Karavanska and Pavlo Tabakov – refused to appear in inhuman way, so will participate in the Grand opening. Ruslana will try to see her copy through the Skype connection.


- Our goal is to draw attention to modern dolls. That is why we chose this theme, it is provocative and bold. Exhibitions and festivals of dolls are not uncommon in Ukraine. In particular in Lviv hosts international festivals of dolls twice a year. But they are narrow, collect mainly masters and collectors. We wanted to make the exhibition at the art gallery, and in a place where there are people who do not find time for such activities and may not be seen near art dolls. A doll is like painting: it is possible to see them in person - shared the inspiration project Lana Malkova-Mostova.

Also the artist believe that in such difficult time for Ukraine we should in all possible ways to support those for who need our help the most, so they decided to draw public attention to the problems of children whose parents died from this terrible war in Eastern Ukraine. Part of the raised funds will be donated to the Charitable Foundation "Community Development", which has several projects involving orphans.
"Center of assistance to the families of deceased solders of the Anti-Terrorist Operation", which operates at the NGO "Community Development" from the beginning of the war in the Donbass supports families left without breadwinners, and by all means tries to maintain the spirit of children who are no longer able to lean on their father's strong shoulder. Activists organize children’s summer camps Moves&skills that take place in Lviv and the Carpathian mountains, watching movies and cartoons, holiday fun and educational games, the project "Give a child a dream", gifts for the holidays and preparing for school, social adaptation of children with special needs. Proceeds from the sale “мавпаdoll”(“Mavpadoll”) will be used for projects within the Center.
The exhibition will run from 20 January to 20 February.