Leisure for patients of the military hospital

On July 30, activists of the NGO "Community Development" (“Rozvytok Hromady”) has organized for the participants of the ATO, who are undergoing treatment at the Military medical clinical center of the Western region, the tournament in checkers.

Not so long ago, activists of the NGO "Community Development" organized for the patients of the military hospital chess tournament. The event praised the military, so the organizers decided to hold another tournament, but this time chose checkers.

"The last time guys loved the tournament and shoved a high level of play. Many of the men asked the next time to organize a tournament in checkers. We listened to them and invited the best masters of sports of the Lviv region. Since checkers is a more common game, today we received a significantly larger number of participants," says event organizer, an activist of the NGO "Community Development" Andriy Feduniak. 

The invitation of the NGO "Community Development" to hold the tournament in a military hospital accepted the head of the Federation of Lviv region in checkers Ivan Ilnytsky, international grandmaster Victor Kostovsky and candidate master of sports in chess Stepan Rutar.

"Gladly responded to the proposal of this tournament in the hospital, because I understand that guys need our support. Before the session I was able to meet with some members and see that they have a good level of play checkers, so that the tournament promises to be interesting", - said Victor Kostovsky.

Among the sixteen participants who took part in the tournament, really was a guy with some experience of participation in the tournament in checkers. For Yuriy a board game became fascinating since childhood, he participated in tournaments at district and regional levels.

"I believe that the holding of a tournament at the hospital is very appropriate. When a time goes on very slow, it is interesting to play something, especially if you have to think. While in the East in the quiet period we also often played checkers, but more interesting here, because the opponent was of a very high level", - says Yuriy.

Entertainment and sports event organized in the courtyard of the military hospital, once again gathered a large number of participants, spectators and fans. Some of them said that they saw from the window a crowd of people, I decided to look and unexpectedly took part in the game. Activists of the NGO "Community Development" gave 5 checkers sets, to the hospital patients, so now they can at any time play checkers.