Round Table on the Law of Ukraine on reforming state and municipal print media and their editorial

For three years all the media should be reformed. It is the law. But it is necessary to have amendments in laws to make this process possible.

43 printed media are recorded in the Lviv region, including operating - 34. During privatization, of course, they are not saved. There is the government interference in local governmentauthorities, thatwas discussed at the conference. Regional newspapers have to be subsidized. Today the government provides just 79 million. UAH., but the information supplied is very different, despite low wages in the industry. That means, that themoney for the region press will not be supplied, when there will be only one owner. That is why the editorial policy is formed one-sided. It seems that there is a war on the privatization of premises, property.

Journalism is designed to present differing points of view, different political parties, different fractions. And one owner - is one thought. It seems, that everything is done to rid Ukraine primary formational space. Instead, the opposite should find all possible and impossible methods to inform people in rural areas,what is going on in the world. This law brought by people, who want to harm the Ukraine, this message has repeatedly emphasized during the round table. Journalists outraged. "This law must be subjected to lustration, because you can not give regional print media in private sector," - said one of the editors of the district.

In particular, Nikolay Saveliev, chief editor of "Town Hall" said: "We are talking about the destruction of all regional print media, not about reform. Nobody will take a co-founder of the editorial team, someone who owned by the printer, fax and couple of computers. Why reform the media? It is 10 years old and runs okay, so can we extend another 10 years? There is shaping public opinion in Ukraine strategies, includingthis custom materials. But officially you do not have to prove it."

During the roundtable was proposed to makea resolutionto terminate enactment of this act, as harmful to information policy, with the support of local authorities and members of the regional council. And if you develop a new law, then it must be included in all media, including TV and radio. There should be a nation-wide impact and forming opinions.
Nica Nicaleo,
writer, journalist